HELLO! My name is Georja Umano, and I’m an actor.

My mother is Italian-Slovenian Catholic and father a Spanish Jew, so half of me is guilty and the other half, guilty. On Easter-Passover, I was never sure if the Messiah was coming or going. There are a lot of differences between Catholics and Jews: Catholics flagellate themselves out of guilt, and Jews believe that’s why you have a mother.

My father’s favorite song is the “Hava Tequilla.” On his birthday we would whack the Moses piñata, which was fun, but I didn’t like it when those wet matzo balls fell out. I look more like my father, kind of a taco chip off the old block.

I stumbled into a free acting class at HB studio in New York , and have hardly ever looked back. I was hooked by the process and fascinated by the artistry.

When I started acting after I got my masters in Theatre from NYU, “ethnic” looks were far from popular. I was relegated to the tiny maid roles. When I tried to get a new agent, he wanted a picture of me in an apron. Guess I just had a certain “mop and glow.” Acting teachers tell us to put ourselves into the role, but it wasn’t easy, becauses I don’t cook and I don’t do laundry.

By the time the industry caught up with my ethnic looks I was a bit older and I realized that the older I get, the more I become like a man, because I want the same thing a man wants.– young woman’s body.

I veered into stand- up comedy for about ten years which helped me develop confidence and timing as I overcame fear of humiliation.

Today, whenever I get a chance, I play everything: Mediterranean, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Hispanic, and sometimes even White.

In my spare time, I read or write about, or emcee an event for my extended family of elephants in Africa, which includes six adopted baby elephants. Elephants are a lot like Jews, you know. They are very smart, are often thrown off their ancestral lands, and they also look good in yarmulkes. “In fact, my love of elephants has grown so much— I just can’t get enough of them! Or their habitat in Africa. Moving to Kenya for my elephant cravings…”

I hope you enjoy my website and I’ve tried to make it reflect my adventures in acting and the real world. If you are dying for more, please go to the CONTACT page and we’ll meet up soon–