Orphaned baby elephants play in the mud at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi


Today, March 5 is a special day for the animal kingdom and the humans who love the animals.. Ringling Brothers has decided to stop using elephants in circus acts!!! Admittedly this is because of all the protests that are changing peoples’ consciousness about animals in captivity forced to do unnatural things for a few minutes of human entertainment. Is it right that they should be kidnapped from the wild to live lives of such depravation? HELL NO!

Cities have spoken and started banning the cruel implement of “training” the bullhook and this is disrupting the circus’s usual routes. People are turning away as activists expose what is going on behind the scenes. I am proud that Los Angeles is one of the first to ban the bullhook, which virtually means no circus here, as the elephants only comply out of fear of pain.

The fact that Ringling says they will stop in 2018? That’s not really ideal. There is still a lot of suffering that will take place in those three years between now and then. And what about the other wild animals who are suffering next to the elephants? Free all the animals they must.

And we animal lovers will keep after them until they do! There is still much to be done for the world’s animal kingdom of which man has usually had an arrogant attitude and often cruel actions. Perhaps peoples’ hearts are melting and we can one day soon feel at one with nature and the animals and drop our superior, false stance. We can embrace all living beings, just like we do our darling pets.

Don’t mean to be preachy, but today is so special and it must be celebrated!

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