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NIKKI SHARP,  Executive Director, Wildlife SOSUSA:


Terriers in the Jungle is a novel that all animal lovers should add to their library. The story combines an African adventure with a message of conservation and humanity, all told through the lighthearted perspective of two rescued dogs.  If you haven’t already started on your journey to protecting elephants, you will once you’ve completed the book.



JUDY CARMAN, Author, Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul


Terriers in the Jungle is a wonderful revolutionary book that both entertains and raises important animal issues. It will help readers feel compassion and understanding for many animals.

JANE M. GILLIS, Retired Special Collections Librarian, Beinecke Library, Yale University


Africa from the observations and experience of two terrific dogs. Roxie and Romeo are so different (just as people are so different) and their personalities come across superbly. What we also experience is the care and love they have for each other. Especially interesting is how the two domesticated dogs interact with the wild animals, and dogs, of Kenya.  And, just as these two dogs are so different, so are the different parts of Kenya. The illustrations are lovely and whimsical.  I loved the book.


CYNTHIA MOSS, Director, Amboseli Trust for Elephants,Keynya


Georja Umano’s book Terriers in the Jungle is delightful. Elephants and dogs—two of my favorite things. Who wouldn’t enjoy these charming tales told from the point of view of Romeo, the Jack Russell, rat terrier, chihuahua mix of mischief.




BARBARA LOVETT, Founder and Director, Save Nosey Now


I laughed and cried and did a lot of smiling throughout the book. I love dogs, so hearing the story from their point of view was fun and endearing, The story was heartening and positive in that the work Kate was doing was so in tune with my beliefs and desires for the elephants.