Elephant Matriarch Project




   “Inspired by my classes with girls at the AFRICACHILD rescue center in Kenya. Down-on-their-luck young women and girls, most of whom suffered from both poverty and rape, and had dropped out of school.

    I was offered a job as ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTOR and as such used videos, improvisation, volunteer work, beach clean-up, field trips, and discussions to heal the girls with messages of saving our planet and the animals. The girls learned so much and it seemed to awaken their natural love of animals and the environment.

    Three of the girls returned to school and two to college. Agnes Ngozo is the first one to graduate from college and accept a teaching job herself.

    The underlying message of the training is inspired by elephants. The herds are led by the older wiser mother, the matriarch. At the Elephant Matriarch Project which is in the works in Taita-Taveta County, Kenya, the elephant matriarch is the role model for these girls to continue their education and return to their communities as leaders. The classes will hold the elephants as role models.  All subjects will be inundated with lessons and inspiration from animals and nature. They will finish with credentials and go back to lead their communities.”